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Owner's Pride Podcast

Jan 19, 2021

OPP#44! This week Dann its down with Owner’s Pride Founding Partner Damon Gray. We dig into Damon’s farm upbringing, service and lessons learned from the US Coast Guard, and the launching of 2 successful businesses. We are still in the early innings and Owner’s Pride is shaping up to win the...

Jan 12, 2021


This week on the Owner’s Pride Podcast, Dann, Brian and OP Ambassador Jaime Gonzales sit down with Jody Sedrick and Rod Puzey of Road FS, Zenware, a premium Customer Relationship Managment tool that pays for itself. Learn where Jody and Rod came from and how a CRM makes you better organized, more productive,...

Jan 6, 2021


This week Dann discusses buying and selling a detailing business with Brian and Spencer Ball. Spencer bought Gearhead Detailing from Brian last spring. Find out how they valued the business, made a business plan, secured loans, and transitioned successfully. Dann also grew and sold his detailing business about 4...

Dec 30, 2020

OPP#41! This week Dann sits down with Dustin, Brian, and The Mack to discuss some selling points for OP Ceramic Coatings in the winter, even where they actually have winter. We also touch on the successful sales coaching that Brian and Dann have implemented and the results! Then we hit the importance of a CRM and...

Dec 23, 2020

Owner’s Pride Podcast #40! This week Dann, Dustin, Brian, Mack and Paulo share a little bit about their holiday memories and traditions. Merry Christmas and  Happy Holidays, from all of us at OPP! Sleigh bells sample from